Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами. ЖК Смольный Парк.


Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами. ЖК Смольный Парк. Пин

The formation of fundamental abilities is essential in the first years of children’s life. We are not talking about academic learning and concentration ability, taking care of themselves and improving communication skills. Children who receive the right support in these very young age years develop into motivated and open-minded adults. People become very careful about others’ needs, smoothly go through life and accommodate to environment around them.


The «Mon AMI» Montessori Center is a private kindergarten with a preschool educational license. We work for the diversified development of children by using the most advanced humanistic Montessori pedagogy.

Our educational license No. 3599 from October 08, 2018, issued by the Education Committee of St. Petersburg, proves that:

  • the area of the «Mon Ami» Montessori Center meet all established safety standards and requirements;
  • the qualifications of educators and the pedagogical methods comply with the state and international educational standards;
  • our private kindergarten has the necessary material, the technical base and full conditions for children for all-day staying.

The highest international AMI level of Montessori education is confirmed by the inclusion of our Mon AMI Montessori center in the register of Montessori schools in Russia, recommended by the AMI Foundation.

Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами. ЖК Смольный Парк. AMI логотип

High Standards

Montessori education is a comprehensive and continuous response to children’s needs, adapted to each stage of their development.

The main two aspects of the Montessori approach are the prepared exceptional environment and, secondly, the role of the Montessori teacher.

In our center, we follow the world standards of Montessori education. We are also a member of the International AMI Foundation and a participant in the “10 Steps to AMI” program of the Montessori Russian Foundation. AMI – Association Montessori International was created by Maria Montessori to preserve, develop, disseminate and popularize her method. The best Montessori schools in the world work according to AMI standards, and our center is one of them!

Montessori Environment And Materials

We use just unique Montessori materials from Nienhuis – the best world’s manufacture. It is the only factory that was certified by AMI. The high AMI standards require an outstanding space organization and the use of unique materials. Montessori materials are tools that stimulate children to think logically and construct new knowledge. They are attractive and straightforward but also variable. Each subject among the Montessori materials presents only one concept or idea to a child, allowing them to learn step by step.

Moreover, all materials have an “error control”: if the child did something wrong, it would be self-evident. For example, the geometric shape will not fit the hole; water will spill to the table, or the last mark will not match the last image. The ability to see their own mistakes allows the child to work independently.

Most of the materials used in Mon Amy Center are from the Dutch company Nienhuis. They are licensed and authorized AMI manufacturer located just near the Association Montessori International headquarters in Amsterdam. Ninhaus is a world leader of Montessori materials production.

Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами. ЖК Смольный Парк. Монтессори-среда и материалы
Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами. ЖК Смольный Парк. Логотип


Our center is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, surrounded by the Neva riverside’s view. The Mon Ami Center takes its place in the «Smolny Park» residential complex. This is a very quiet, ecologically clean and safe place surrounded by nature. A separate area and the possibility of walking in the park are the best things for a kids’ center.