Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами. ЖК Смольный Парк.


Program for children from 3 to year 6

Our bilingual child development program CASA dei BAMBINI at the «Mon AMI» Montessori Center is created with the international AMI standard. We put great attention to the harmonious development and care about children’s age’s physiological, psychological, physical, and emotional characteristics. 3-6 years old kids are working together, and this is one of the basic principles of the method where the younger ones learn from the older ones, and the older ones help the kids and learn to care for them. It helps them to learn from each other and support other kids.

Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами. ЖК Смольный Парк. Пин

“Raising a young child is about preparing him for life, not for school.” – Dr. Maria Montessori.

Each child in our Private Kindergarten study at their tempo, which allows them to find exciting activities.

Montessori environment 3-6, according to the AMI standard, has a clear construction logic, contains all the necessary materials that children need right now. In the bilingual «Mon AMI» Montessori class, you can see five zones for the child’s personal development.

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“Help me do it by myself!” – Dr. Maria Montessori.

Practical Life Exercises are the exercises for practical activities in our daily lives, such as cleaning the floor, washing hands, and dressing. All these activities should be done to learn how to care about ourselves and the environment, including decorating and making the environment more beautiful and caring for others’ relationships.

The zone of practical life in «Mon AMI» Montessori Center is significant for child development:

  • It helps the child to behave independently by improving practical social skills
  • It develops concentration and attention. Children hold all energy and put it to their activities
  • It has a hidden preparation for math and writing due to the logical construction of exercises and a variety of physical activities
  • It is similar to our culture and has a purpose of cultural adaptation and social development
  • It cares about all the natural needs of the child: improved movements, attention to details, language development and so on.

All the Practical Life Exercises in «Mon AMI» Montessori School are the basis for the mental development of your child, as well as for the development of will, patience and concentration. In our CASA dei BAMBINI class, the child creates his personality!


“Feelings as explorers of the world, open the way to the knowledge,” Dr. Maria Montessori/strong>

The development of the senses helps to build the intellect of a child through perception, movement, and order of the received impressions. The hand is an instrument of the mind, after all! Therefore, all Montessori materials help develop all the senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.

The Casa Dei Bambini space of «Mon AMI» Montessori Center contains specifically designed materials that allow children to explore and name different sensations: size, color, shape, texture, smell, and sound.

We create the correct order in the child’s head by using sensory material. After that, the child can classify, combine the information in his head and form a picture of the world around him. All this is the base for future language studies, math, geometry, art and music according to the AMI standard of our Private Kindergarten.


“Language development is a natural process. The child has a natural ability to create language spontaneously. This development takes place according to some certain rules” – Maria Montessori.

Montessori teacher of our Mon AMI Center provides comprehensive support and assistance to the child in building and organizing the process of his personality. This whole development is significant, but not only the development of language skills:

  • The child in Mon AMI Montessori School learns how to express himself and feel confident. That’s why we allow him to speak, for example, to tell short stories.
  • МWe prepare all the Montessori material according to the international AMI standard, which allows the child to express his ideas through the necessary vocabulary.
  • The child gets the idea that we have words, they have specific meanings (functions), and they are located in the sentence in certain places (sentence analysis). This is a preparation for understanding other people’s writing.
  • In Mon AMI Montessori school language material is divided into three areas: Speaking – Writing – Reading, which meets the physiological and psychological needs of a child at every age: speaking 0 – 3.5 years old; writing 3.5 – 4.5 years old; reading 4.5 – 5.5 years old.


“The human mind is mathematical in nature,” – Pascal

Math classes with Montessori materials in the CASA dei BAMBINI class in Mon AMI Montessori Center is a fun and inspiring process that develops the desire to learn. Such classes make the base for the child’s further cognitive development and a clear understanding of mathematics elements by concretizing mathematical concepts and arithmetic processes: from the concrete to the abstract.

Montessori educators offer the child mathematical concepts in a specific order:

  1. Meeting «quantity»: firstly, the child learns what a specific quantity is
  2. Meeting «symbol»: the teacher shows a written representation of the number
  3. The relationship between quantity and symbol: the child learns connections (associations)
  4. Opportunities for repeating exercises with learned concepts: through repeating, the child integrates mathematical concepts and processes
  5. Check: the child can control himself with the help of the material

Therefore, young children in Mon AMI Montessori Center learn basic mathematical principles easily and cheerfully. They are fascinated with adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with the help of unique Montessori materials and everyday life! For example, when they prepare breakfast: “How many children are here today?”, “How many plates do we need?”, “How many pieces should we put? ”


«The Child is the Sensorial Explorer» – Dr. Maria Montessori

In addition to sensory and language programs, the child expands his knowledge of the world by studying geography, biology, zoology, creativity and music. These areas are also represented in the Mon AMI Montessori Center.

Maps, globes, flags, and puzzles allow children to discover every continent and country’s names and locations in the world. The extensive library of the CASA dei BAMBINI class offers children a lot of books and encyclopedias. Don’t forget about how informative our excursions to museums are!

Collections of paintings and artifacts provide a basic orientation in plant and animal species, the world’s culture, famous landmarks, cities or works of art. Children also can learn the developmental cycles of animals, insects or plants and find out how our life is!

Little sensory researchers aged 3-6 in Mon AMI Montessori kindergarten meet with attractive and self-sufficient materials that will help their future learning and expand their horizons about the world around us.

Age: 2 years and ten months – 6 years old
Language of the lesson: Russian and English
The lesson takes place without a parent’s participation
Number of children in the group: 20 – 25 people
The regularity of classes: 5 times a week (Mon – Fri)
Duration of classes and tuition fees:
From 8:00 to 13:30
Part-time | 49,000 rubles
From 8:00 to 19:00
Full day | 55,000 rubles


08:00 — 08:30 Meeting children
08:30 — 11:30 Montessori classes, Breakfast / 2nd breakfast
11:30 — 12:30 Walking
12:30 — 13:30 Lunch
13:30 — 15:30 Sleeping
15:30 — 18:00 Montessori classes, Afternoon tea / Dinner
18:00 — 19:00 Walking

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