Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами. ЖК Смольный Парк.


This is a program for babies from birth to age 1.5.

«Mon AMI» Private Kindergarten invites you to NIDO development groups according to the method of Maria Montessori. Lessons for the infants are supposed to be done with their mothers.

In the Italian language, “NIDO” means “nest.” Maria Montessori said that the development of a child begins even before its birth. The most critical age for learning with all the necessary psychological mechanisms is from birth to age three precisely.

Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами. ЖК Смольный Парк. Пин

In the NIDO groups, we introduce the Montessori class environment, teach children to interact with it, and develop confidence and independence.

We provide the opportunity for joint classes for parents with children. Qualified AMI teachers help parents learn how to observe the child adequately to offer various activities that develop motor, coordination, and visual functions. We also prepared the Montessori materials, many of which were made by our Montessori teachers’ hands.

Our teachers have higher pedagogical education and experience of working with children for over 15 years. They deliberately came from different pedagogical fields to the Montessori method. Having a vast experience in working with children, professional teachers, and educators choose Montessori training for its soft adaptation and the opportunity to improve each child’s potential. We are developing natural abilities and achieving profound results by putting attention on the individual development of a child in the Montessori environment. It all can be done using a comfortable tempo, which also helps grow an independent and confident person.

The Montessori teacher helps mother and baby, talks about child development periods, and makes classes with Montessori materials that your baby needs just right now.

The age of 0 to 1.5 is significant. The kid begins his path to independence, and Mon Ami Montessori Center teachers and kids’ parents become responsible guides along with this path.

NIDO development groups give children love, care and respect. Our kindergarten provides freedom of choice in movements; eating, sleeping, and communication can be changed according to the child’s wishes and needs. Together with the mother, the teacher observes the baby form an individual plan for nutrition, rest, and activities in the kindergarten.

Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами. ЖК Смольный Парк. Пин

Please, fill in the registration form for admission. This will help us better understand your family needs.

Mon AMI Kindergarten purchases only materials certified by AMI Montessori Foundation from the Nienhuis (the best European manufacturer from Holland). The environment fully complies with the high AMI Standard.

Education in the Kindergarten goes with a specially prepared Montessori environment according to the international AMI standard. You will love the calm, cozy and light atmosphere of the «Mon Ami» Montessori Center in the Central District of St. Petersburg.

You are welcome to our kindergarten!

We help loving parents raise self-confident children using the world’s most advanced humane Montessori method.

Read more about the Montessori Method and find out who, besides the English royal court, was raised by the method of Maria Montessori.

Let’s give the child the whole world!

Age: 0 to age 1.5
Language of instruction: Russian
Teachers: Montessori teacher
The lesson takes place with a parent or nanny
Duration of the lesson: 1.5 hours
Regularity of classes: 1 or 2 times a week
Number of children in the group: 5 children.


Parent meeting is 1 000 rubles
Individual lesson is 2 500 rubles
Subscriptions are from 5 000 rubles *

* The cost of classes depends on the frequency of visits.


Monday 14:00 / 16:30
Tuesday 09:30 / 11:30
Thursday 14:00 / 16:30
Friday 09:30 / 11:30

НАТАЛЬЯ ДЕРЯБИНА - Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами

Natalia Deryabina
Montessori teacher 0-3 | AMI diploma.
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ЕКАТЕРИНА СОЛНЦЕВА - Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами

Ekaterina Solntseva
Montessori teacher 0-3 | AMI diploma

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СУББОТИНА ОЛЬГА - Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами

Субботина Ольга
Монтессори-педагог 0-3 | AMI — диплом
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