Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами. ЖК Смольный Парк.


Montessori Mon Ami school for children 6 – 12 years old

Dr. Maria Montessori noticed that children go through 4 fairly straightforward stages of their development and described their psychological and physical characteristics in her books. Children aged 6-12 are cultural researchers! They are inquisitive, discover new things, using their imagination and think abstractly.

Maria Montessori called the period from 6 to age 12 – the period of space education at school, which implies the intertwining of all sciences: what child learned in mathematics can be applied to biology. Children start to understand the relationship between disciplines. It makes an entirely different learning approach. A teacher at a Montessori school needs to be very prepared, know a lot, be erudite. Our teacher at the Mon Ami Private Montessori School, Radmila Voronova, is a student of the International AMI course 6 – 12 in Gerona (Spain).

Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами. ЖК Смольный Парк. Пин

Mon AMI Montessori school 6-12 is fundamentally different from a regular school and has an environmental approach. The class has eight subject areas:

  • geography and natural science;
  • biology;
  • history;
  • geometry;
  • linguistics;
  • music;
  • art;
  • maths

What is the difference between a montessori and a traditional school?

Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами. ЖК Смольный Парк. Пин

We can name you 5 differences:

Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами. ЖК Смольный Парк. Пин

Teachers at Montessori School are advisers, but not speakers. For each child, the teacher selects the tasks that most contribute to their development. In a regular elementary school information and tasks are given to the whole class simultaneously; pupils tend to progress in the school curriculum at the same rate. This approach cannot be optimal for all students: a child who knows the subject well will get bored in the class, and the one who lags will experience lots of stress because he will feel worse than others.

In Montessori schools, the learning approach is different: teaching most often occurs in small groups: teachers observe the students and bring together those children who are ready for this particular lesson. Each student has as much time as he needs to understand the material. Another once who knows the subject can explain it to someone who doesn’t or needs help. Therefore, in a Montessori school, there is no adverse effect on self-esteem.

There is a flexible curriculum instead of a rigid traditional program in a Montessori school. The child has a choice of activity for today. Students are encouraged by curiosity; they are busy all the time and love to learn. The inner interest of the student and his self-motivation allow him to master different knowledge areas. Children don’t sit at their desks in a Montessori school. They work in a group, write joint projects. In this activities, children distribute the tasks and responsibilities of each person who participates. According to their research, children can organize a trip and visit an accompanying person. They try to find an answer to the question of interest by themselves, but with the support of an expert’s opinion.

Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами. ЖК Смольный Парк. Пин
Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами. ЖК Смольный Парк. Пин

The Montessori classes at the school are filled with lots of different teaching materials. Children learn how to think and how the world is. They learn to see and analyze situations and problems, find effective ways to solve them through experiments and personal knowledge. Children 6-12 try to use their knowledge in life. They need to know why and how something happens: how you can get the electricity, what was before the advent of electricity, and, maybe, what was even before that. How did fire appear (ancient people did not have matches)? What kinds of houses people lived in, and which tools they used? Their imaginations have already developed so that the Montessori teacher can use this tool in teaching.

Instead of many short lessons at Montessori 6-12 School, there are two 3-hour work periods for in-depth study in different scientific areas.

An inherent feature of children aged 6-12 is easy learning and endless curiosity. They can concentrate as long as possible during this period. They put much effort into the action. Therefore, children love project activities. They can think about one problem for several days and be interested just in research. Maria Montessori criticized traditional schools for breaking up the day into many short lessons to keep children interested. But this, unfortunately, leads to the opposite, because kids feel that they are mentally overworked. Montessori says that a child should engage in activities which he is mentally prepared for. Interest does not come immediately, and if a child has to stop the activity when the interest has already appeared, it isn’t right. For example, it is like you are taking away a plate with delicious food from the nose of a hungry person. This is why there are no breaks in Montessori schools, and that’s why we cannot provide you with lesson plans. Children have time to think in Montessori schools!

Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами. ЖК Смольный Парк. Пин
Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами. ЖК Смольный Парк. Пин

A very important feature of ages 6-12 is social development. Children of different ages study together and learn from each other. They don’t have a competition with each other, but become a tight-knit team and practice different communication skills day by day. They need a large environment and want to communicate with other kids, work, and spend time with them. In a Montessori school class, children work in a group on some projects and often complete the work with the class material. During sports activities, elder children learn to feel the team and work for the team, too. The program is focused on individual learning in a traditional school and, unfortunately, children can communicate with friends only during the breaks.

We support the independence of children at every stage of their development in our Mon AMI Montessori School. We give them time and opportunity for research and reflection, we act as their guides in learning and help understand the world around them so that children can become discoverers themselves!

Our certified teachers understand all the child’s needs and do everything to improve their potential under the slogan, “Help me think it by myself!”

Opening hours of school: 9:00 – 16:00
The regularity of classes: 5 days a week (Mon-Fri)
Academic year is nine months: from September till May
Tuition fee: 48,000 rubles, meals – 5000 rubles
Entry fee: 20,000 rubles

Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами. ЖК Смольный Парк. Пин
РАДМИЛА ВОРОНОВА - Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами

Radmila Voronova
Montessori teacher 2.5 – 6+, AMI diploma, student of the international 6 – 12 AMI course (Gerona, Spain)
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ЮЛИЯ ЗОТИНА - Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами

Юлия Зотина
Преподаватель английского языка, студент AMI курса 3-6/AC
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СУББОТИНА ОЛЬГА - Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами

Субботина Ольга
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