Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами. ЖК Смольный Парк.


Montessori Online Infant Course Program for mothers who have babies from 0 to 3 years old.

Private Kindergarten Mon AMI is based on the Montessori method at your home.

Montessori Center Mon AMI. Educators with AMI diplomas.

Our Private Kindergarten Mon AMI starts the Montessori Online AMI program 0-3 to support parents and their kids at home.

Montessori certified teachers and our private Mon AMI kindergarten had created a Montessori Online Course program, which includes topics that will help you better understand your child, develop independence skills at this age and teach your child self-care. We will also teach online how to build a home Montessori environment because everything depends on the correct organization.

Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами. ЖК Смольный Парк. Пин

“A child has a strength that we do not have – it is the power to build himself on his own,” Maria Montessori.

The Montessori Online course brings us together,
we are getting closer to you!

In the Montessori OnLine course, we talk about your child’s needs during the home environment preparation according to the space you have and baby’s movements and actions. When a child begins to move, he becomes a creator of his personality, using what has previously been absorbed by his subconscious. If you look at a small two-year-old child or even a one-year-old child, you can notice that he is always twirling something in his hands. It is an inner development with the help of hands. The child is using them as tools for the development of human intelligence.

From the age of 3 months, the child understands what surrounds him. He should be surrounded by the speech, too; otherwise, he will not absorb the language. According to studies, till the age of 6 months, a child makes sounds of all the languages ​​globally, and after six months, he makes sounds only of his language. We must always talk to the child!

Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами. ЖК Смольный Парк. Пин

The program of the infant class “Montessori Online” of t our Mon Ami center was created according to the AMI standard and gives you all the necessary information consists of 8 online topics:

  1. Basic principles and concepts of the Montessori method. It is one of the most important topics because you can effectively help your child with the principles and value of the Montessori method of understanding.
  2. Developmental crises of children under three years old. What should we know about it? We show the development stages of the child and explain their features.
  3. Development of the child’s speech. What stages of speech development does a child go through from birth to three years old? How to stimulate a child’s speech? Which books are suitable for children under three years old? How to grow an interest in reading?
  4. Developing activities for children under three years old. Which activities your baby needs, and which toys are useful?
  5. The home environment. We help to organize your home space to develop the baby’s independence.
  6. Clothes. How to teach a child to dress by himself?
  7. Toilet training. When to start? What is the easiest way to do it? Do we need to use disposable diapers?
  8. Freedom and boundaries. What are freedom and discipline? How to build boundaries with a child correctly? Rules, prohibitions, punishments – what does a child need?

Child 0-3 is an unconscious creator, which means that the child creates himself from inside, and we don’t see this internal process. The slogan of this period is “Help me to become myself.”

At our Mon Ami Montessori Online course, we support children’s independence at every stage of their development. We create programs, thinking about the needs of the child as much as possible. The slogan of  0-3 age is “Help me to become myself.” And together with parents, we will make the child happy by satisfying all his natural needs!

Classes of “Montessori Online”:

Regularity: once a week on Wednesdays
Duration: 1.5 hours
The cost of the course “Montessori Online”: 9600 rubles

НАТАЛЬЯ ДЕРЯБИНА - Частный Детский сад Монтессори-центр Мон Ами

Natalia Deryabina
Montessori teacher 0-3 | AMI diploma
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